About us

Company IGM-sapphire is Czech young and dynamic company, engaged in production of single crystal sapphire. We working in the field of high technology. 

Development of technology rieses the growth in demand of Synthetic Sapphire for use in different sector of industry, science, health care and in other equipment. Production of sapphires is technologically demanding process based on the use of science knowledge.

The Company IGM-sapphire intends to become a world leading company in sapphire products. 

Our strategy is based on leading technologies arising in the development of the production single crystal sapphires and on using advanced equipment, years of experiences and highly qualified personnel.

The Company IGM-sapphire offer its clients:

  • Custom manufacturing production of sapphires in the required quality and within the specified time limit;
  • Production from 1 to 100 000 pieces;
  • Period from order receipt to delivery of the first piece of the product is 1 month;
  • Production of test samples for the production new shapes of sapphires, quality improvement and increase the productivity.